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Arrow Tag is a safe and fun game that combines dodgeball and archery, basically dodgeball with bow and arrows.  We use special foam-tipped arrows and bows which are strong enough to simulate real arrow flight, without hurting anyone. You will have great fun dodging arrows and trying to shoot your friends and family. Suitable for ages 11+. Or perfect for a team building activity or corporate Christmas functions.


Arrow Tag                                           $25 for an hour 
Add Arrow Tag with Paintball                $15 for an hour 

Check out the Arrow Tag Video

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How it works


Objective:  To shoot players of the opposing team until all of them are out


  • 2 teams of 6 players or less (minimum of 3)

  • Games last 2-5 minutes on average – you get to play a lot of rounds in each session!

  • Each team starts on one side of a neutral zone and has bunker obstacles for cover

  • Every player has 1 bow

  • All arrows begin in the centre neutral zone (just like dodgeball)




  • Every player eliminated from the game counts as one point for the opposing team 

  • A player can re-enter the game if one of their targets is knocked down or an arrow is caught 

  • The game ends when one team is completely out


Is Arrow Tag dangerous?


No.  We provide all players with face masks, and offer optional chest protection.  Being hit by the foam tipped arrow feels like having a low-speed tennis ball thrown at you.