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Lock n Load now offers kids Gog Low Impact Paintball.

Kids are aged 7 - 11 years.

11+ years can now play Low Impact or regular paintball.

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GOG LOW IMPACT paintball

A New Zealand first, LocknLoad paintball introduces the new Gog .50 calibre paintball markers.  This brand new paintball experience is for players looking to experience the thrill of regular paintball with less impact.  The smaller .50 calibre markers are light weight, perfect for small hands and allows players to use all of the LocknLoad fields without sacrificing the excitement, adrenaline rush and experience of paintball.  

Low impact paintball is perfect for kids birthdays (7 years and up) where they can experience the thrill of paintball without the impact.

Guaranteed private booking - 15 participants

Our fields are big, positively HUGE! It is more fun to play in larger numbers, plus if you play against another Low Impact paintball booking your group has the chance to team up and play on the same side!

Please note children aged 18 and under require supervision.  Parents can watch games, or they can relax around the BBQ areas.  No children under the age of 18 are to be dropped off, then collected when their game is finished.

Come and check them out!

Give us a call on 09 257 2265 or email info@locknloadpaintball.co.nz today to book your game here!


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